2023 was undoubtedly a KPOP bubble.

As mentioned in #2, more than 10 KPOP artists ranked in the top 10 of Billboard200, the main album chart of the world’s largest music chart, Billboard. The overall album sales of KPOP also reached a record high.



If you take a look at this chart, it becomes clear at a glance that the increase from 2022 to 2023 is astonishing. The number of units goes from 77 million in 2022 to over 100 million in 2023.

What else can we call this if not a bubble?


The top girl group is NewJeans with 4.39 million copies sold. (By the way, my favorite Kep1er ranked 14th with 320,000 copies. It’s a bit of a sad result for us Kep1ians considering they surpassed the 1 million mark in 2022…)


2位のStray Kidsも1000万枚超えしており、BTSが兵役により当面グループ活動の無い現在、この2組がボーイズグループ2トップである事は人気と売り上げの面から言っても間違いないだろう。

On the other hand, the top boy group is SEVENTEEN with an astonishing number of 16 million albums sold!

Stray Kids, in second place, has also surpassed 10 million albums sold. With BTS currently on hiatus due to military service, it is safe to say that these two groups are the top two boy groups in terms of popularity and sales.



And NewJeans quickly took over the throne of KPOP Queen, which BLACKPINK had been reigning for a long time, just one year after their debut.

Just as BLACKPINK popularized the Girl Crush concept throughout KPOP, NewJeans brought the Y2K (short for Year 2000, referring to the late 1990s to early 2000s) movement to the entire KPOP industry.

実際、NewJeans 以降、NewJeansっぽい曲調やMVが途端に増えたのは明らかだ。


Actually, it is clear that there has been a sudden increase in songs and music videos with a NewJeans-like style since NewJeans.

Knowing that even during the time of BLACKPINK, many groups with a girl crush concept debuted and most of them disappeared, I can’t help but feel the impermanence of the world when I think that there may also be groups heading towards a not-so-bright future due to this NewJeans boom.


Now, let’s discuss how long this KPOP bubble will last.


次のStray KidsのカムバックでStay(Stray Kidsのファンネーム)は前作超えを狙うだろうし、なんならSEVENTEENの記録超えも狙ってくるかもしれない。

そうなってくると、3位、4位のTOMORROW X TOGETHERとNCT DREAMも負けじとさらに売上を伸ばす可能性もある。

In the streets, it is said that things will start to settle down around 2023, but is that really the case?

With the upcoming comeback of Stray Kids, Stay (the fandom name for Stray Kids) will aim to surpass their previous work, and they might even aim to surpass SEVENTEEN’s record.

If that happens, there is also a possibility that TOMORROW X TOGETHER and NCT DREAM, who are currently in 3rd and 4th place, will further increase their sales and not fall behind.




SEVENTEENのメンバーもファンにあんまり無理しないでと言うようになってきたし、RED VELVETのウェンディなんかはCDは1枚買うので十分だよ!と言い、1つのアルバムで何形態も出る事に関して事務所に何形態も作るなって言っておく!とアイドル側がファンのお財布事情を流石に心配してきてる現状を見るに、2024年を機に一旦落ち着く可能性は大いにある。




However, fans’ wallets are not infinite and have their limits.

Even the author, who buys more than 30 CDs every time Kep1er makes a comeback, cannot do this forever.

Concerts require money, and fans also want merchandise. There are many expenses besides CDs.

SEVENTEEN members have started to advise fans not to push themselves too hard, and RED VELVET’s Wendy says that buying one CD is enough! She also tells the agency not to release multiple versions of an album! It is evident that idols are starting to worry about fans’ financial situations. Considering the current situation, there is a great possibility that things will calm down after 2024.

Honestly, the exhaustion of KPOP fans in recent years is no joke.

There are strong fans who cut their own food expenses to buy hundreds of CDs.

Even so, it is in the nature of fans to keep pushing themselves when they see their favorite idols happy and active. However, it’s about time when they physically cannot continue to do so.


So, I want to propose to all KPOP fans.











2024, will everyone take a break together?

This year, why not prioritize our own happiness?

If BTS comes back as a complete group in 2025, the CD sales war will inevitably return, so why not take a break until then?

Well, even if I say such things, I know that otakus don’t take breaks.

Because “my happiness = my bias’s happiness”!

If my bias is happy, then I am happy too!

Yes. I won’t say anything about other people’s otaku activities anymore.

I pray that in 2024, everyone can enjoy their KPOP otaku activities at their own pace.

With these words, I would like to conclude this document.

“My bias’s happiness is my happiness.”